Thai Cave boys speak publicly about their ordeal 4 weeks ago

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THE Thai cave boys have joked they thought they had “dug to England” when they heard the voice of a Brit diver who had come to rescue them.

Speaking for the first time since leaving hospital, the schoolboys recalled the “miracle” moment as they recounted their survival story.

A boy named Dul revealed how he went to respond to a voice echoing through the cave.

Dul said they heard someone speaking and listened not believing anyone was there another named Mick who had a torched approached the Brit divers.

When he emerged I said “hello”, Dul said.

They were surprised the diver wasn't Thai and branded it a miracle moment, he said.

Dul told the divers “we’re fine” and when he said there were 13 safe in the cave, the rescuer said “brilliant”.

Coach Ake said he urged Dul to translate what the divers were saying.

They added that they got together and prayed to be saved as the water rose inside the cavern they were trapped in.

After ten days in the cave the boys were "incredibly weak and tired" after ten days trapped inside drinking water from the cave walls.

The youngest said he "thought of fried rice" while he was starving in the cave.

One boy said: "I was afraid I wouldn't go home, that I would get scolded by my mum."

Coach Ake said some thought there was a way out of the cave, so they moved backwards through the cave.

He added: "We heard the water rising towards us while we waiting to be rescued. It rose nearly 3m. They couldn’t hear the rain outside."

But the boys were relieved when a Brit diver named as Jason arrived with food for the trapped lads.

After they were freed they were able to watch the World Cup final where most of the boys backed the victors, France.

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